Find Out the Best: Personal Reviews and a Detailed Guide!

Greetings! I’m a construction enthusiast, researching the innovative technologies that provide the best home comfort solutions. Many people do not realize the important role their thermostat plays in having a comfortable, healthy and efficient home. Since you’re reading this, I know you’re among the more sensible and attuned, and I admire your desire to provide the best home possible for your family.

Wifi thermostats are among newest products of the recent smart home trend. Many brands have released smart thermostats into the market including: Honeywell, Nest, ecobee, Lennox, Daikin, Trane, White Rogers and Carrier.

Finding the best wifi thermostat among all the brands and models can be difficult, so I thought of creating this ultimate resource for helping people out by providing detailed reviews and an objective analysis of all the top wifi thermostats.

My Personal Review of the Top 5 Wifi Thermostats

All the wifi thermostats out there get the basic job done of cycling the HVAC system on and off to maintain a reasonable comfort level. However, I wanted to save my readers the time of doing all the research on their own to distinguish the best. I’ve included my concise personal list of the Top 5 Wifi Thermostats, each with a detailed review.

What makes wifi thermostats so different form normal thermostats is their ability to connect to wireless internet. This connection allows for many possibilities, such as displaying the weather forecast and live weather updates. All wifi thermostats allow remote access via a web, iPhone, or Android application. Checking the interior and exterior climate of your house, adjusting the temperature, and even viewing efficiency performance reports are some awesome features that most brands include.


Nest Learning Thermostat - 3rd Generation

Since the introduction of the Nest thermostat, it has reinvented the smart thermostat market, some may even say it was responsible for creating the market. Anyone that sees it can not deny its beauty.

A sleek, modern metal ring just begging to be turned. That was the idea. The owner would turned the knob multiple times a day, during their natural routine. A fluid movement that would feel effortless.

The Nest thermostat learns more and more as the days pass, logging data into its powerful algorithms. It would use this data with the data gathered from its motion and light sensors to know its owner better than the owner.

If you're wanting a thermostat for this purpose then look no further. A "smart" thermostat with a slick app that displays historical data. But for many, the features just aren't there yet. The temperature fluctuations are broader than most, +/-2 or 3 degrees.

One HVAC service technician wrote on Amazon regarding buggy software updates, stating that the Nest is not an iPod, a buggy update can lead to much bigger problems including not turning the system off or on, or simply the Nest not responding. The Nest wifi thermostat has definitely stirred up the industry but for some, it hasn't been pleasant. More recently, the buggiest has disappeared to bring a more pleasant experience to both Nest owners and installers.

A few of my friends have had great joy in using the Nest thermostat. Turning the wheel and viewing their energy efficiency is such an awesome experience.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

If you're wanting the best, look no further than the Honeywell Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. Imagine sitting on the couch with you significant offer, "Baby it's cold in here." This unit comes with an awesome feature called far-field voice control. Simply say, "Hello, thermostat, I'm feeling cold." and the thermostat changes setting by 1 degree. There are many pre-programmed commands to tell the thermostat an action you'd like it to perform.

Many reviewers on Amazon are raving about how awesome and reliable the voice control feature is. The unit has a very user friendly interface, very snappy and responsive. Flexible scheduling breaks away from the standard 7-day programming of other thermostats. It will allow for very unique schedules with 4 programmable periods per day.

It also features smart response learning to better understand your heating and cooling needs. Again, if you want to spend a little extra, the Smart Thermostat with voice control is one of my top picks. Note: this wifi thermostat requires a c-wire.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

This unit is very similar to the above but lacks the Voice Control feature. The Smart Thermostat is an excellent choice for anyone not wanting the extra feature of being a couch potato. The interface is one of the top in the market, easy to use and looks great.

I love it's simple design thats blends well with any home, especially with the ability to customize the screen color. The 4 tabs at the top provide quick access to controls and settings.

The Total Connect Comfort App and website has proven to be reliable. It's a free service that allows you to remote access your Smart Thermostat anyway. Honeywell has proven to be the leader in reliable thermostats that last for years so you really can't go wrong. Note: this wifi thermostat requires a c-wire.

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat by White Rogers

Sensi has pushed the more simple side of wifi thermostats, keeping the traditional look and feel of a thermostat. Is it touchscreen? Nope. That might come as a surprise but many people are still not fond of touch screens. It actually uses physical buttons, something none of the other smart thermostats feature.

My grandparents hate touch screens so they wouldn't notice the difference from their old style White-Rogers they're used too. They're a bit stubborn when it comes to technology but I could see them loving it. Older folks tend to forget about energy saving. The family could remote access into their thermostat to make sure they turn it up before they drove over for the weekend.

Many wifi thermostats require a c wire, the Sensi thermostat gives you the true flexibility of universal installs because no c wire is needed. The free iPhone and Android app brings the thermostat to your pocket. The Sensi service subscription that powers this magic is free also.

The Sensi wifi thermostat could be for anyone else that just doesn't care about a touchscreen thermostat as well. It has all the grey features of the other, 7-day programmable, 4 heat/ 2 cool, and industry leading temperature to +/- 1 degrees.

Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

icomfort wifi thermostat

The iComfort smart thermostat is truly a beauty. The outer rim reduces in size as it extends to the wall, making it seem to just float. The wifi thermostat can be remote accessed through the iComfort app and website.

One feature that many smart thermostats do not have yet is Weather on Demand - live weather alerts and the 5-day forecast. An awesome feature when running late to work. If you're heading out just tap One-Touch away to save energy when no one's home.

Updates to the thermostat effortless. They Install automatically over the wireless internet! The unit supports most systems including heat, cool, multistage, conventional, heat pump, proportional control, dehumidify, humidity, and more. The unit interface is one of the finest I've seen. Taps are quickly recognized and the screens load very fast with little sluggish delay.

Lennox has partnered with Gelaskins to make your wifi thermostat personalized! If you have a wood wall, take a picture of it, order a Gelaskin for the thermostat and set the picture are the background. It will be camouflaged! haha You can't go wrong by choosing the iComfort Wifi Thermostat. I highly recommend this product. Note: this wifi thermostat requires a c-wire.

Wifi Thermostat Advantages Over a Programmable Thermostat

Switching from a programmable to a smart thermostat provides many additional advantages:

  • Adjust to schedule changes. The wireless thermostats allow you to use a companion app anywhere internet access. If you're staying out late, making a last unplanned trip with friends, or staying an extra day on vacation, you can allows open up the app and make an adjustment. These may seem like small changes but they will add up in energy saving quickly.
  • Reprogramming made simple. The wifi thermostat can adjust automatically to daylight saving time. Programmable thermostats have menus that make it frustrating to setup an initial 7-day programming schedule, let alone making adjustments later. Smart thermostats have nice interfaces that make scheduling a simple task.
  • Check in. As a homeowner, it provide a peace of mind knowing I can keep an eye on my home at all times. I have the Honeywell Smart Wifi thermostat so I get an email notification every time my home gets too hot or cold. Maybe the system is having a problem or it's just a really hot day here in Florida.
  • Usage reports. Many units now provide detailed energy reports, such as the Nest and ecobee, to keep the you engaged in the usage.
  • Couch potatoes unite! "Baby, I'm cold." launch the app and satisfy. The Honeywell Smart Wifi Thermostat with Voice Control takes it even further. Just say "Hello thermostat, make it 2 degrees warmer." Your significant other will be amazed.
  • Charming. The new wave of wifi thermostats are finally changing the ugly white squares of the past into modern looking masterpieces.